wasted beauty must remain a beauty

you killed me
you could kill me
maybe one day i can die for you


The Issue
A recent poll on putting up huge loudspeakers in The Red And The Black Field's cities for public government broadcasts has been brought to your attention.
The Debate
  1. "This idea is brilliant, and The Red And The Black Field can't afford to pass it up," claims Roxanne Wu, your Minister of Safety. "These loudspeakers can assure the public that the government is always here to help them. The potential here, to immediately warn citizens of an emergency such as an earthquake or a stampede of Cats or something, simply must be taken into account! This could save lives! And I suppose, when there isn't anything the citizens need to be told, you could always use them to broadcast patriotic messages like 'Happiness Is An Illusion' and inform the good people which party to join and vote for with newsbriefs and such. It'll be worth it to strengthen the populace's devotion to our glorious nation!"

emoshop: i'll be back

who i was i won't remember then